OPEN THINK TANK (OTT) organized its seventh conference under the name of Open Debates 7 in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), Syria/Iraq office. The Open Debates is a series of public events such as conferences, meetings, and workshops held by Open Think Tank in collaboration with its partners. The following is the conference report which includes recommendations that were derived from a two-day conference debates, discussions, and questions and answers.

Conference Report by:
Dr. Mohammedali Taha , Revin Mahyad , and Hizel Hidayet

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This project was prepared and conducted in partnership between Open Think Tank (NGO based in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq) and Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung Syria/Iraq Office. We hereby thank all the people who took the time to participate in this survey and all the collaborators who contributed to this project. If you have questions about this project or would like additional information, please contact one of the project partners.


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