Open Think Tank is

A private, independent, non-profit think tank.

Established in Iraq in 2013. It aims to provide policy papers to the public in general, policy makers, and academics on issues related to peace in Iraq. The research scope of the organization includes narrative of Jihadi groups; Counter Violent Extremism (CVA); gender and peace; minorities and peace; local peace-building processes – including the role of local religious leaders and state officials. The Organization has conducted research projects mostly in Iraqi Kurdistan and contested areas such as Nineveh plain.

Open Think Tank is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization, constituted on the principle of free association of individuals, according to the acting law of Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
We are Open, Curious, Prospective. Realistic Dreamers. Bridging Thinking with Feeling.
We do Research, Policy advocacy, Humanitarian aid.
We know that infinite new possibilities are available to our society, to our region, and to the world.
We want everybody to acknowledge that our own reality is created by all of us, together by the choices we make every day
We believe that all dreams become true: we decide what to dream and we make them possible. Empowerment for us is to contribute to disclose the power available to each person.
How we do it? OTT bridges the problems to new possible solutions, through research, expert debates, conferences, and public meetings.
We prefer to ask the people about their problems, not to tell them what their problems are. We prefer open debates to monologs.
There is much more to see and experience: if we open to the world, then the world opens to us.
Our favorite question is: What else is possible?

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