*Date: May 23rd, 2017
**Venue: Duhok Private Technical Institution, Malta/Duhok - *please see the Map of the Venue at the bottom of this page*
OPEN THINK TANK is announcing a new event, organized in partnership with the *GLOBAL EDUCATION Company for Education and Culture Development*.

The goal of the event is to delve into the complexities of the formation and shaping of the content and structure of the Education Policy in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The event is focused (but not limited to) the following questions:
1. Is there a clear Education Policy in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq?
2. What is the content and structure of this policy?
3. What could be done to improve the actual state of facts, how and who should be involved in the process?


9.00-9.30 Registration and welcoming of participants

09.30-09.40 Opening and presentation of the event
What is the aim and what we desire to achieve during this Open Debates?

- Sardar Mohammed, Global Education
- Mohammedali Taha, Open Think Tank

09.40-09.50 Keynote Speech: Farhad Atrushi, Governor of Duhok

09.50-10.00 Survey Results: Whither Education Policy in the KRI? Perspectives from teachers and university professors, teaching in Duhok.
A survey conducted by Global Education and Open Think Tank.

- Sagvan Taib, Global Education
- Angela Movileanu, Open Think Tank

10.00-11.30 Panel: Whither Education Policy in the KRI? Perspectives on the Higher Education

Moderator: Nawzad Aqrawi, Global Education
- Asmat Mohammed Khalid, Former Minister of Education, 2011-2013
- Ibrahim Simo, Head of Education Committee at KRI Parliament
- Ahmed Qarani, Advisor to Minister of Education
- Msgr. Rabban al-Qas, International School of Duhok

11.30-13.00 Panel: Whither Education Policy in KRI? Perspectives on the pre-University Education

Moderator: Nezar Esmat, Open Think Tank
- Dawood Atrushi, DG, Ministry of Higher Education
- Amad M. Salih, Nawroz University
- Honar Issa, The American University of Kurdistan
- Sabah Wais, University of Duhok

13.00-13.10 Wrap-Up: Bakhtiyar Ahmed, Open Think Tank and Global Education

13.10- Lunch

Location MAP